Terms and Conditions

Payment and Cancellation

If at least 14 days notice is given of a booking cancellation, a refund of 90% of the original amount paid will be made. (This is to cover PayPal and admin costs).

No refunds can be made if a cancellation occurs less than 14 days from the date of arrival.

In the unlikely event that Hazler Lodge becomes unavailable due to reasons beyond our control, we will endeavour to find alternative suitable accommodation. If this is not possible, a full refund will be made and the limit of our liability will be that amount.

We reserve the right to decline acceptance of a booking, or refuse to admit to Hazler Lodge any person or group where, in our opinion, the facilities are not suitable for the hirer or any member of the hirer’s party, without liability on either side.

Guests Responsibilities

Be responsible for their good conduct.
Be responsible for ensuring the safety of all guests, residents or otherwise.
Be responsible for making yourself aware of fire and safety procedures.
Be responsible for ensuring that the key access code is kept safe.
Ensure that all passageways are kept clear and doors are left unobstructed.
Ensure that no cooking or reheating of food is done within the property.
Inform us immediately should there be any power or equipment failure.
Any breakages must be notified to us as soon as is reasonably practical after they have occurred.

Hazler Lodge is a strictly no-smoking establishment (including e-cigarettes). Guests wishing to smoke are requested to do so outside.

Bikes and Bike Storage

Bikes are not allowed into the building of Hazler Lodge under any circumstances.
The cycle shed should be locked at all times when unattended. The code for the padlock will be provided on request.
Bikes are left on the premisis at the owner’s risk. Hazler Lodge does not accept liability for loss or damage to any bike left in the bike shed.


Dogs are not allowed in Hazler Lodge.


No liability is accepted in respect of loss or damage to any group member, their baggage, car or contents, bikes, resulting from riot, war, strikes, adverse weather conditions or sickness or injury or for loss or damage by a third party.


Anyone found in possession of or using illegal drugs will be required to leave the premises immediately.

Fires and Barbecues

Candles, joss sticks, fireworks and any cooking facilities are not permitted in the Hazler Lodge due to fire risks.
A barbecue is provided for guests’ use. Coal is not provided, but is available at the local petrol station.

Lost Property

We cannot accept responsibility for any property left behind at the end of your stay. Whilst we will make every reasonable effort to return lost property this will be done and the postage charged.

Should anyone not observe the above terms and conditions, the proprietors reserve the right to terminate the booked accommodation and retain any monies paid for subsequent nights.

Bookings are accepted on the understanding that the above terms and conditions will be observed in full.

Hazler Lodge reserves the right to change the above terms and conditions without notice.